The Supermama TRUNK SHOW is a place where designers and makers meet, connect and exchange their trade. It is also an opportunity for the aspiring entrepreneurs, the seasoned craftsmen, or anyone with a keen interest in well-made things to put their minds and hearts out for a time of sharing and merriment.

It comes in two parts, firstly through an exhibition showcase where collections of carefully selected products are presented in Supermama’s flagship store in Singapore. Secondly, it is a time where designers, makers and independent shop owners share their experiences and anything you care to ask them during the session(s).


For the first edition, we will be featuring the works of the following designers, makers and labels –
Chushin-Kubo, Cineca, Gato Mikio, Ishinomaki Lab, Ivan Lee, Jotham Photography, Kashiwa Sato (for Kihara), Kengo Kuma (for More trees), Louis Poulsen, Maruju, Megane Rocks, Okadaya, Shenna Lou, Southern Field Industries, Supermama, Tanigouchi Aoya Washi, Time&Style, Vanda

TRUNK SHOW SESSIONS (12th – 13th March

Workshops and Demonstration (12 to 13 March, 1000hrs to 1800hrs)
Making an Abacus with Hidetaka Miyanaga, Daiichi Co. Ltd., Hyogo Prefecture
Maki-e Painting with Yoshisuke Okada, Okadaya Shikki Co. Ltd., Ishikawa Prefecture

Day 1 Session (1300hrs to 1500hrs)
Topic 1: Working with Fabric, Kazuhisa Masuda, Maruju Co. Ltd., Aichi
Topic 2: Working with Wooden (Furniture), Takehiro Kabashima, Legnatec Co. Ltd., Saga
Topic 3: Working with Cast Iron, Hisanori Masuda, Chushin Kubo., Yamagata
Discussion Session (Moderated by Edwin Low, Supermama)

Day 2 Session (1300hrs to 1500hrs)
Topic 1: Trunk Design: Design Studio & Design Store, Yasuhiro Horiuchi, Hyogo
Topic 2: Edit Life: Gallery Shop, Hitoshi Matsuo, Tokyo
Topic 3: KCmitF: Connecting with Craftsmen, Keisuke Otani, Tokyo
Discussion Session (Moderated by James Teo, ampulets)

Special Features

ARITA 400 (Preview)

In 1616, quality ceramic rocks were discovered in Arita’s Izumiyama mountain, giving birth to Japan’s first locally produced porcelain. That year became the starting point of Arita’s history, whose porcelain has fascinated the world for nearly four centuries.

Arita, birthplace of Japanese Ceramics, will celebrate the 400th anniversary of its porcelain industry in 2016. Shaped by ancestral traditions and techniques refined over centuries, a new Arita is birthed. The Arita 400 Preview is a selection of works from some of the best maisons representing the regions of Imari, Arita, Ureshino and Takeo.


Faculty: a refined and functional approach to the crafting of apparel and products based on the idea of intrinsic human ability in thought or action. Enclosed in grey, each item reflects the strength of ideas from the use of grey matter in its creation.

With the intent of enriching the thinking man and his surroundings, every collection is dedicated to, and inspired by an unnamed subject of note.


Edit Life is a concept gallery shop from Japan. With a strong mission of translating editorial content in print to curated living, founder/editor Hitoshi Matsuo and creative director Harumi Fukuda seek out some of the most exciting brands in Japan and around the world. Since their inception, Edit Life has featured the works of several Japanese artists including June Tsunoda, Shiro Ao, Kaneaki Sakai, etc.

Product Design Showcase