Supermama Gillman Barracks

I remembered when we first started Supermama, we were located in such a secluded area that we got less than 10 walk in customers every week. The experience kinda prepared our mind that it is impossible for us to survive as a “proper” retail business – so we took a completely different approach to retail and decided to create a space of rest instead. It is a space where anyone can take their time to “dwell” in, a space where we can have proper conversation with our friends, without any pretence. This space and the conversations which took place between our customers (many became friends) and us will always remain as one of the best part of the Supermama story.

As the business grew, we find ourselves shifting from one place to another, succumbing to the brutal economics of this world. We yearned for that place of rest. Very often we asked ourselves if we can go back to where we first started, yet allowing us to look forward at the same time. We seek for a place where we can truly be ourselves – again.

Last year we thought, perhaps it is time to do so, or attempt to do so. The day came when we were given the opportunity to take over a gallery space at the Gillman Barracks. Over here, we’re gonna take time and bring you some of the works that so deeply moved us.

So if you’re round the corner, pop by, say hi ?