Passion and calling

Passion calls for a certain boldness, freedom and a burst of firepower that propels us to achieve that which we are (supposed to) born to do. Calling, on the other hand is a thoughtful, measured and often toned down response of how we make sense of our passion – in relation to our world. So which one is “more” necessary?

When I was younger, especially when I just started Supermama, I think that passion is the only currency that rules the world. I thought the world favors the young, the brave and the passionate – and how I can bulldoze the world with my fire. When I grow older, my bulldoze nonsense was trimmed down considerably, bearing in mind that everyone is going through their own shit. We just gotta learn to give grace and space to others. It is something that I am still learning.

So which is more necessary?

Passion is brave, calling is wise. I think we need both.

And for both to live in harmony and tolerance of each other.

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